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October 1st, 2011, 10:57 PM

I'm Jason Benoit, A.K.A. AldenIsZen. I'd like to extend an invitation on behalf of Linux Basix and OpenSpeak to everyone here.

Linux Basix is a GNU/Linux based community with forums, IRC, Mumble voice chat and more. We wish to help all, including newer users of Gnu/Linux! We continue to output more content for that goal. But, we need your help! We all do this together, and everyone plays a role. Small things like feedback are crucial. (Or seeing podcast listener count is rising!) Many lurk the forums, only listen to or only join in on the podcasts, IRC, etc. - Please feel free to interact however you feel comfortable. Currently, the site is in the process of a redesign...

OpenSpeak.cc orignially was Linux Basix's mumble server, but it's grown to include many FOSS related podcasts and projects. Come idle and chat about whatever floats your boat!