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September 26th, 2011, 02:01 AM
I upgraded my AMD64 system from Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 a few months ago. My setup includes a network Brother MFC-8460N printer/scanner/fax at IP Following the upgrade the printer worked fine but I have not been able to use the scanner function. Running either xsane or sudo xsane starts "scanning for devices" but returns "no devices available". Both the printer and scanner functions were working under Ubuntu 10.10.

The brscan2 driver for this printer is installed and appears to be configured correctly:

frank@server:~$ dpkg -l | grep Brother
ii brmfc8460nlpr:i386 2.0.1-1 Brother MFC-8460N LPR driver
ii brscan2 0.2.5-1 Brother Scanner Driver
ii cupswrappermfc8460n:i386 2.0.1-2 Brother MFC8460N CUPS wrapper driver

frank@server:~$ brsaneconfig2 -q
Devices on network
0 SCANNER "MFC-8460N" I:
1 scanner "MFC-8460N" I:

I would be grateful for any assistance in getting this scanning function to work again.

September 26th, 2011, 05:24 AM
I have now managed to fix this scanning problem by removing and reinstalling the brscan2 driver :D. It seems that brscan2 may not have configured correctly when I upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04. The following procedure fixed the problem and the scanner is now working well.

Firstly download the correct brscan2 package from the Brother site:
and put it on the Desktop. For my amd64 installation and the MFC-8460N printer/scanner/fax the code was:

frank@server: sudo apt-get remove brscan2

(ignore a number of reports of "No such file or directory" during installation)

frank@server: cd /usr/local/Brother
frank@server: ls -l
and check that the directory sane no longer exists.

frank@server: cd ~/Desktop
frank@server: sudo dpkg -i brscan2-0.2.5-1.amd64.deb

After installation is complete you need to configure the device and its IP address.

frank@server: sudo brsaneconfig2 -a name=SCANNER model=MFC-8460N ip=

frank@server:~$ brsaneconfig2 -q
0 "MFC-9450CDN"
1 "DCP-9042CDN"
2 "MFC-8670DN"
3 "DCP-9040CN"
4 "MFC-9440CN"
87 "DCP-750CN"
88 "MFC-860CDN"

Devices on network
0 SCANNER "MFC-8460N" I:
confirms the scanner is installed at the correct IP address.

Finally test that the scanner device is found and is working:

frank@server:~$ xsane


November 21st, 2011, 05:00 PM
thank you so much!:D:KS
" brother scanner mfc5440cn ubuntu 11.10 solved"
it helped me with my mfc 5440, on ubuntu 11.10 32 bit:
1. i have determined the scaner ip : in my case it was
2. than just pasted your command with mods:
sudo brsaneconfig2 -a name=SCANNER model=MFC-5440CN ip=