View Full Version : [SOLVED] My computer made a weird zapping sparking sound

September 25th, 2011, 08:12 AM
My computer made a weird zapping sparking sound and within a minute it became noticeably hot, I quickly turned it off, flipped it over and felt the back cover. The Hard drives location was source and after 2 minutes from the time of the odd sound I removed the hard drive and found it was defiantly the source of the heat... Now I have a simple question, should I put it back in and reboot my computer or leave it out, There is no data I need on there everything was backed up 12 hours prior to this incident(need, relative term, I need everything to be working so I can turn the computer on and continue scripting, but this can be done with any working hard drive given)
I forgot what I was typing, but thanks for reading!

September 25th, 2011, 09:58 AM
Im tired and now i'v calmed down, I am going to try using it again and if it get to hot, ill give up until I get some other advice or have my friend look at it. brb (by the way, I am using someone elses laptop, we have 5 computers in this house one of which is a family pc, my one is the unlucky hp that crashed. im not sure what you think of HPs but im not overly fond of them, If it crashes I will just build myself a new desktop, laptops dont suit my taste. the point of the text in parentheses is to clear thing up with how i am posting things, im sure there are a few who would think I was doing it on the pc without the hard drive in it)
Ok, it has yet to act up so ill just call it solved and hope it was a fluke (maybe I had a computer bug, that crawled out after I took the HDD out :P) I was just admiring (and chosing) xscreensaver screensavers when this sound you hear when you hold a light switch in the middle of on and off suddenly occured and my computer then heated up. Im clueledd as to the reason but even so, thanks