View Full Version : Help me save a friendship that means everything to me?

September 24th, 2011, 01:45 PM
It is a long story.

Last year, I got an exceptionally good English teacher (my favorite subject too). She was a new teacher and has just come to the school. She was an really kind and endearing person but some idiots in my class was really mean because she was young and they did some really bad things using the web. It was also a plot against me since I was considered to be the computer expert of the school since I'm a programmer. I was also very unpopular with another English teacher that many other students took lessons with. This other teacher also taught my class another English subject. At first the good teacher began suspecting me but I think her common sense made her change her mind and she asked me directly whether it was me. I said no and that I could help her solve the problem. Using my computer skills I solved the problem to the great dismay of some classmates and the teacher automatically became very friendly with me. I was very grateful for this as I did not have many friends in my class. (In other classes I do have some).

Now , both my English teacher changed to someone else who is not such a good teacher and never returns our assignments. I strongly suspect the previous incident to be the cause of this change. Anyways my old teacher and I still saw each other around the school and we still said hi to each other when we crossed.

Then now suddenly, she has started completely avoiding me. She has previously said that she would correct some extra work for me but when I was about the give it to her she just walked away without saying a word. I don't know why but she seems really upset with me for a reason that I do not even know.

I have absolutely no idea what has happened. The favor that I had done her was a really big one and knowing her character she is a very good person.

I'm thinking of the following factors that may have caused this change.

a. The other school staff have convinced her that I had done the bad deeds and pretended to help when it was really me.

b. Some new incident that I do not know about is happening.

c. I am rather shy and I once sent her an essay by email with no apparent sender id but if she read it she would definitely know it was me. The content was simply a story about a dog (dog is narrating) losing his master when the later went abroad. The dog's sentiments reflected by sentiments when I realized she would no longer be teaching my class.

I don't know what to do. Should I just let the friendship fall apart like that or do something? Will she pick up in sometime or will she never talk to me again. I have always been extremely polite and respectful towards her so I can't be that I said something. I'm really sad about this.

September 24th, 2011, 02:22 PM
This really doesn't belong here. You'd be better off speaking with friends or family about this problem.