View Full Version : [ubuntu] bios settings for ubuntu server on VIA Artigo A1000

September 24th, 2011, 10:11 AM

since i had a bit of trouble with usb drive detection and installing 11.04
ill post here my bios settings during setup:

how i created the usb drive:
using my 11.04 desktop i used an 8GB with default "startup disk creator" and a 32bit ubuntu server 11.04 iso image
so this step is pretty default, no changes on the usb drive have been made

installation on via artigo a1000:
plug in the usb drive and enter the bios during startup.
the settings i changed are

Advanced Bios ->
First Boot Device ->
Hard Disk
Advanced Bios ->
Boot Priority ->
1. Bootable Add-in Cards //<< this was on priority 2 before
2. CHO-M OCZ ONYX //<< that's the final installation hard drive i use
Integrated Peripherals ->
USB Settings ->
Mass Storage Settings ->
Flash Drive: HDD-Mode

at this point booting from usb drive succeeded, which didn't before
but after the successfull installation and unplugging the usb drive the hard disk didn't boot
im not sure what i changed here, but it was only in the above settings
i think it was advanced bios -> boot priority -> // switching back the OCZ ONYX to priority 1.
and setting the boot order to first device -> Hard Disk