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September 23rd, 2011, 08:49 AM
Hi all,

I try to install some systems with fai.
But I don't understand the whole system. Maybe you'll enlighten me! :confused:

I've got a running PXE Environment. It provides Images I can install.
Since I would like to have an environment with preconfigured systems
downloading packages and so on, I don't know how to use fai.

I've installed fai-quickstart and tried to get it to run. But there are some major points I like to know ...
do i need to setup the complete mirror ? how does apt-proxy work there (I've got a lot of messages telling me that something is forbidden ... )

first : How does it work anyway ? Are there pictures somewhere ?

second: Is it too hard to setup for ubuntu lucid and scientific linux ?
do i have to insert every single host into dhcp to directly start the fai ?
can't i just chose from my pxe menu to start an automatic install ?

thank you in advance!