View Full Version : Wine problems(pretty noob to ubuntu)

September 22nd, 2011, 07:40 PM
ok so im trying to install games starcraft torchlight wow all compatable via the appd list or w/e, the problem im having is that once installed i cant get anything to run, can someone please help me figure out how to tweak this program so i can be a real nerd again? let me know what you need from me screenshot or w/e to get this goin thx

September 23rd, 2011, 07:03 AM
Perhaps you should look into an application called playonlinux. Its a great wizard for installing windows programs and games and then setting them up to work perfectly for you.

Its on the ubuntu software center. But there are instructions for getting a more recent version at http://www.playonlinux.com/en/download.html
Ubuntu is at the bottom.

September 23rd, 2011, 08:47 AM
Try Crossover Games, it is the best as far as I know and Starcraft is also supported.

It is free for a month of use and then you have to buy it to use it.

September 23rd, 2011, 09:31 AM
Do not try crossover as a first option. It's unlikely that crossover will work any better than POL. they are both just front ends for wine.

September 23rd, 2011, 09:39 AM
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