View Full Version : [ubuntu] HP 5103 - Ubuntu - Keyboard and touchpad freezing

September 21st, 2011, 10:47 PM

Ive got a HP 5103 netbook with ubuntu 11.04 amd64 install. Everything works great, the only problem I have is that after some time (usually few days, but today it started after circa 5 minutes after reboot) the keyboard and touchpad (cursor) start to have some kind of freeze.

The problem is than when I write the system takes some of the characters and some (after some interval) does not. Its like there was some kind of timer running when I write (or use the touchpad.

Example: Before this problem starts I push and hold some button (say a letter, eg. K) and it writes a long line full of Ks. It writes until I leave the button. But when this problem starts, I push and hold the button and the system circa 23 letters and then it stops for some time (like half a second) - then another 23 letters - wait - another 23 letter.

Its also possible to see when moving the cursor - it moves a certain distance then freezes for (also) some half second then moves further.

Its pretty annoying and I have no idea what to do with it then restart, which I dislike.

Two more things:
a) somewhere I read this would be a problem related to X-server. I dropped into another console (F1) but the problem persisted.
b) I read I should try a command - kbdrate - but it didnt change anything no matter what values I tried for -d and -r ... but If you want me to try some, I sure could ...

Please, do some of you have similar problem. I know its hard to test anything when this occurs randomly, but if you could write me down what should I do when it starts I will do it ...