View Full Version : [ubuntu] Support for dual batteries??

September 20th, 2011, 10:57 AM
I have posted this in another thread - without luck - so now I try with a new title - hoping this would generate some feed-back :)

From previous thread:

Gents - I'm totally new to ubuntu, but had a wake up call last night where I installed ubuntu on a spare HP nx9420 laptop.
I (we) have 6 MS computers at home - and its quite a task to keep them running - but my-oh-my was the installation of ubuntu easy - everything worked after first boot-up :razz: - EXCEPT: There is 2 batteries in the laptop, a "internal" and a "travel" battery.
The Battery Monitor tells me that there is 2 batteries, but the laptop drains only the internal - not the travel battery?

Can this be fixed??

Oh, and btw. - my sincere excuses it this topic has been covered elsewhere :grin:

Thanks in advance!