View Full Version : [ubuntu] Samsung QX311 - 11.04 installation

September 19th, 2011, 08:31 PM
I have tried to install 11.04 on my brand new samsung qx311.

First I run installation when I had Win7 installed. It all looked ok when installing but after reboot there was no grub. I tied to fix this with no effect

Next I cleaned my HDD and installed it again (ubuntu 11.04 64 bit) but now laptop does not see any operating system :/

any ideas ?

Now I have tried to install Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit and it is working properly (without wifi - but probably after update it will work)

I have tied to install ubuntu 11.04 64 bit with default settings (default partitions) and it is working.
Before that I have made one "/" and one "/home"