View Full Version : [wubi] Occasional Crashes 11.04 install from wubi

September 19th, 2011, 02:50 PM
I am not exactly a noob, but I am not exactly a novice either when it comes to Ubuntu. So please excuse any odd layman terminology I might dribble out here.

I was wondering if anyone else is or has been experiencing some issues with wubi installations of Ubuntu 11.04 (64) / Windows 7. My personal experience is that, while running Ubuntu and when left alone to go into the screen saver or "sleep" mode, upon returning I am stuck on a "terminal" like screen with a whole bunch of process that I could never begin to understand (<- That was the layman dribble I was referring to). This issue is always random and will not allow me to do anything but to a hard restart of the system. And when I do everything goes back to normal until it decides to do it again.

Things to consider when milling over this:
I have uninstalled and reinstalled (with wubi) and gotten the same results.
This never happens until after I add my wifi connection and update the system. (bad package maybe?)

On last thing: This issue is easily resolved when I uninstall Ubuntu (from Windows control panel), and I perform a basic install from a disk.

So why even ask this question? Well I am person that just has to know and plus I was curious to see if anyone else was having the same issue. OR, if anyone knows what is causing this or could provide any information... please do.