View Full Version : [ubuntu] Low NIC Speed : what is the bottle neck ??

September 19th, 2011, 06:50 AM
Hello Community,

Here is the problem i'm facing since many weeks : I'm trying to get gigabit at home !
I have a laptop HP touchsmart Tm2 2105, with is equiped with a NIC with chipset from Realtek r8168. It is well known that out of the box, the driver r8169 would be used.
* But i installed the newest driver from Realtek website. The driver is installed and loaded.
* ethtools indicates a speed of 1000Mbps
* but if i perform a simple download test (filezilla) with a desktop PC under windows (direct connection with cat6 cable), i only reach 130 Mbps
* The same test, with the laptop booted on windows shows app 500 Mbps
Just to be sure, i tested the speed of the HD of the laptop : "1700 MBbs" and "80 MBps", which is more than reasonable.

Where could be the problem ?

Notice, that i tested also with another Desktop PC under Ubuntu Lucid. I tried several gigabit PCI cards (at least 3) -> always the same story : the driver is correctly installed, ethtools indicates 1000 Mbps, but the actual rate is app. 100 - 130 Mbps.

Did anybody ever manage to have Gigabit rates under Ubuntu ?!