View Full Version : [all variants] Pitivi MP3 Help

September 18th, 2011, 03:52 AM
So I have some videos that I would like to extract the audio from into an MP3 format using Pitivi, and I have no idea what codec to render my audio with to get an MP3 format!?!

I'm already familiar with Pitivi and how to import videos, seperate the audio, and edit it. With all of the codecs I used, I can get the MP3 file to play on my computer without any problems, but once I transfer it to my phone, my phone will recognize that the file is there, but not play it.

The only way that I have gotten any of my audio files edited in Pitivi to play is to export my file in any random audio format, and convert it with "sound converter." So when I use sound converter, the resulting MP3's play perfectly on my phone! But, I'm concerned that I'm loosing valuable quality when I convert my audio files twice...

Now! Back to my original question. In Pitivi, what codec do I have to export my audio to to get a generic, usable MP3 that will play on my phone? :confused: Thanks in advance...