View Full Version : [all variants] Can Samsung mobile be used as a modem to connect Ubuntu?

September 15th, 2011, 04:53 PM
Hi, I am planning on buying a Samsung mobile phone but before that I need to know if it is well-supported on Ubuntu. Will there be any problem if I want to use it as a modem to connect to the Internet? Because I know there won't be any with a Nokia phone. I seriously need to know before I buy one. Help me out guys. Oh and I am using 11.04 Natty.

April 21st, 2012, 12:41 AM
Did you ever figure this out??? I have a strait talk samsung that I'd like to use for the internet on this new acer notebook I just got. I've just partitioned it and installed 10.4 but my husband took the wireless with him on the road (truck driver) and so i either need to download whatever it is I need to pick up free wi-fi in town (which is 40 minutes away..) or figure out something else while he's gone. I'm using the windows 7 on it right now until i get everything squared away, I may have to hook up at my in-laws to get everything I need... :P

April 21st, 2012, 02:20 AM
I never bought a Samsung phone to begin with! But once I tried on my friend's computer with his Samsung phone for a very brief time but I couldn't make it connect via blue tooth but my guess is that with a compatible Data cable, it can be made to work. But then again, you are on 10.04. I had quite a lot of issues connecting my wireless USB data card when I first moved to 10.04, not sure if they have fixed those. I used Gnome-PPP and WVdial to make it work. Good luck.