View Full Version : Simplifying wine

September 15th, 2011, 02:18 PM
I'm very new to the whole Ubuntu/ Linux approach to computers so for me getting Wine, configuring and activating was a really daunting task. I mean the guides usually are a bout a particular version and the winehq has terrible links to get you around the site. But after a few weeks I discovered something. Something that simplifies wine, simplifies the process of getting packages and libraries for what you need.

After all the frustration of trying to set up programs to run in wine ( i really had no idea what i was doing)

Forget downloading wine, Download PlayonLinux!

Play on Linux is a front end for wine that downloads multiple wine versions on a needed basis. It downloads all the data needed to run a huge range of known applications that work with wine. It's a simple GUI. It adds extra functionality in terms of having a registry editor for a fake registry for windows. It has a task manager for controlling processes running. It sets up quick links to programs so you can run it straight from the front end. Clear and concise by far the leading way to use wine emulation on ubuntu IMO.