View Full Version : [PPC] Share Internet (Ethernet to Wifi)

September 12th, 2011, 06:25 PM
I'm trying to get my Powermac setup as my house's server/router/whatever else I want it to do. The long term plan is to pickup a 4-port Gigabit ethernet card, and run a software router in a virtual machine.

However, I first need to find the card and get everything set up. For now, is there a way to share my Internet connection (ethernet) to my house via an ad-hoc wifi network?

I set up a wifi network, and network manager shows I am connected to both the wired and wireless networks. However, I cannot see the wifi network from another computer at all. I tried secured and nonsecured wifi, along with trying typing in the network name as a "hidden network" (even though it's not supposed to be hidden).

Nothing seems to work, and I'm running out of ideas. Getting wifi back up and running in my house is about the only thing keeping my Powermac tethered to OS X.