View Full Version : [ubuntu] Can Ping but Cannot Browse Host on Network

September 11th, 2011, 09:13 PM
Hoping someone can help me with this - I have 3 networked PCs all running Ubunutu 11.04 and until recently all speaking well to each other.

For some unknown reason one of them is no longer visible when browsing the network in for example Nautilus, from the other two machines. I can browse the other 2 from the problem machine and I can Ping the problem machine from the others , I just cannot browse or connect directly from Nautilus.

All 3 machines have fixed IPs and I have tried various tweaks to Host file etc. but no joy

I just dont know what to try next...any ideas?


September 12th, 2011, 02:45 PM
try to use samba from the terminal ?

September 12th, 2011, 02:52 PM