View Full Version : [other] Best Netbook for Remix and Injection?

September 8th, 2011, 09:23 PM
Hey all,
I'm thinking of buying a netbook to toy around with on linux and to do some pentesting with. I need some help on which would be best for linux (most hardware supported out of the box etc), because at the moment google is not my friend. So I figured I'd tap the amazing ubuntu community for ideas.


-Wifi supports injection
-HD Video like youtube and what not
-DDR3 ram (ideally about 2GB)
-works out of the box with Ubuntu or at least mostly

Doesnt cost too too much (Im a starving college student, mind you)
Faster processor (dual core..?)
Decent Video card (Extra props if it does CUDA)
A free pony included with the purchase

So the NEEDS are much more important than the wants, but it doesnt have to fit all of them (high fives for anyone who can find one that does).

So can the beautiful people of the ubuntu world help a brother out?