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September 8th, 2011, 06:49 PM
That's a vague enough subject heading to get attention...

I've been looking through the specs of cheaper laptops, surprised that what I paid 420 for in 2008 can seemingly be had or bettered for at least a hundred quid less now, and I wondered if people who know a fair bit more than me and who may have had a few laptops would agree that a laptop that has had a lukewarm or reserved opinion when sold with Windows 7/Vista might be considerably more of a bargain once running Ubuntu/Debian.

Of the laptops I was reading about, the recurrent complaint about cheaper laptops, some only 250 (283 euros), was that they would sometimes freeze or pause during a program's running or a page's loading. That could have been poor broadband, but I'm wondering if these faults would reproduce themselves using Linux either at all or less so but noticeably. My Toshiba from 2007/8 had Intel onboard graphics, a 1.6 ghz dual core processor and 2gb of ram. It ran Vista quite well, Windows 7 very well - less stuttering of window animations and little or no freezing - and Ubuntu better still with a couple of enduring compatibility issues that made me decide to sell it. (Hopefully a shop will let me run a live CD or stick before purchase.) Some of the ones I've been looking at have 4gb of faster Ram, 2.2-3ghz cpus and occasionally ATI dedicated graphics, albeit the equivalent of what might be bought for 30 for a desktop pc. In short I'm wondering if the shrewd user of Linux can pretty much ignore many reservations about cheaper machines, though I do know to avoid Advent and eMachines...

I don't play games except Foobillard and Aislerot but I do like Flashplayer and DVDs to be smooth.

All opinions welcome. I've had my instinctive guesses but am not too techy and have only owned two laptops so far.

September 8th, 2011, 07:08 PM
Ubuntu/linux is as light as you want/need it to be. I have an Hp touchpad (the firesale ones), with an chrooted ubuntu and lxde. I'm watching mkv videos right now, working fine..

AFAIK most of the "cheap" VGAs can do 1080p decoding, so the dvd part won't be a problem. Don't go too cheap and tweak it accordingly... will work...

The booting the liveCD is a very good idea. Sometimes you might get unlucky and get an hardware combination that doesn't work. It's pretty rare, but happens.