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September 7th, 2011, 09:58 AM
Hello Forum!
I have searched and searched for a solution for this problem but I can't find it anyware, so I'm posting my problem here.

I have just recently bought a new computer and wanted to run Ubuntu on it. I booted it up for the first time and logged in with Unity. However, a pop-up warned me that drivers needed to be installed in order to make Unity work. So it logged me in using "Ubuntu classic (no effects)" and right after that I installed the driver via the built-in hardware drivers application.
I restarted the computer and Unity started to work. But as many Ubuntu users I wanted effects with Compiz so I started it and turned on the "Cube". A new pop-up told me that*

"Plugin Desktop Wall provides feature largedesktop which is also provided by Desktop Cube"

Then I got to choose between: "Don't enable Desktop Cube" and "Disable Desktop Wall"

Of course I want the cube so I clicked "Disable Desktop Wall". Then my window frames are suddenly gone and the cube are still not enabled. When I try to enable it the second time, this shows up:

"Desktop Cube requires the plugin OpenGL." With these choises:
"Don't enable Desktop Cube" and "Enable OpenGL"

I click "Enable OpenGL" and ANOTHER pop-up says "OpenGL requires the plugin Composite". Anternatives: "Don't enable OpenGL" and I click "Enable Composite"

Well now (I thought) the Cube is enabled with the cost of my window frames. But it shows that the Cube still wouldn't work and I realized that my keyboard commands stoped working too.

I guess the video card is the one causing the problems

I am using Gigabyte Radeon HD6950 1024MB OC Windforce on Ubuntu 11.04

Frogs Hair
September 7th, 2011, 03:02 PM
Hi and Welcome

Restart the computer and enter the code from the recovery console found on the session menu that includes the desktop options .
unity --reset

Here is a link to enable the cube , it looks similar to what you have tried .