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May 29th, 2006, 07:51 AM
I need some help in regards to creating a plugin for a program called Azureus (torrent manager program)
This is going to be the first time I have really created a plugin for anything, so I apoligize in advance if I seem a little dense.

I am trying to create a plugin that will monitor a set of 5 - 10 diffrent torrents and store how much of each torrent has been uploaded in a data file to be send to a server.

There are two problem's that I am encountering.

Problem #1: I created a jar file called tracker.jar with the plugin.properties include. My plugin.properties looks like this.....

plugin.name=Ubuntu-Utah Tracker
plugin.id=this plugin


My class file is found in Tracker_Plugin.code

My class file looks like this: .....

import java.util.*;
import org.gudy.azureus2.plugins.*;
import org.gudy.azureus2.plugins.tracker.*;

public class theTracker implements Plugin
public void initialize(PluginInterface _plugin_interface)
//System.out.println("Hello, this is the Ubuntu-Utah tracker plugin");

I did this to try to figure out how to properly create the plugin, however whenever I jar these files and install them, I get this error:

Error loading plugin 'this plugin' / 'Tracker_Plugin.code.theTracker.class'
Tracker_Plugin.code.theRacker.class not found


I can't figure out why it doesn't find the class. Have any ideas the are probably obvious that im not seeing?

Problem #2: Ok, I would like to monitor the upload of say a torrent named, coolguy.torrent I don't know how to get that objects so I can extract properties from it. Or maby i'm going about this the wrong way. If I wanna keep a constant data base of how much of a certain torrent has been uploaded, how should this been done with Azureus's javadocs.

Thanks to anyone that helps me with this. This is a big learning experience for me so it should only be a pain the first time. I have been programing in Java for around 2 years, but never anything of a practical nature (made stupid stuff like a Penny Toss game and a library database program)

Their website and javadocs can be found here:



May 29th, 2006, 09:45 AM
Wrong forum.

Your question is not Ubuntu specific, you will get better advice in an Azureus forum or mailing list. I suggest you pay a vistit to the Az website, and look for links.

May 29th, 2006, 09:29 PM
I am creatin this for the Ubuntu-Utah Team and have looked threw Azureus website/forum. I'm trying to pull as many recources as possible.