View Full Version : [ubuntu] Fujitsu T3010 compatible pen/stylus

September 5th, 2011, 07:36 PM
Hi everyone, new to the forums and to Ubuntu.
I have installed 11.04 onto my T3010 and so far seems to be working well.
I am trying to get the buttons working, hopefully will solve soon.

However I am unable to test the digitiser as I do not have a Pen/Stylus can anyone recommend a pen that they know works, preferably one that also fits into the pen holder. I think the Wacom up-714 fits and from the specs should work but they are like hens teeth and therefore quite expensive. Any other suggestions.

As the pc was very cheap (20 on ebay) I thought I would experiment and add a touch panel so I have both touch and digitiser. Has anyone had the same thoughts?

Another addition would be an internal webcam again has anyone tried?

I know these are not Ubuntu specific problems but it seems many out there are using this machine so I thought it would be ok to tap into this knowledge.

As a previously dedicated windows user I have to say I am enjoying this new experience!

Many thanks and regards