View Full Version : [SOLVED] 11.04 Successful Install Nvidia Raid 0 (Win7| Ubuntu)

September 3rd, 2011, 12:48 PM
I looked around for a definative answer for this and couldn't find one.
DISCLAIMER: My Ubuntu 11.04 is a bit old... maybe a month or so, and this issue may not be an issue still.

Issue: Install of 11.04 Ubuntu X86_64 side by side Windows7 failed.
1.)First Attempt was the Wubi installer, direct install inside of windows. This resulted in an error that read something like "Path to (something or another) not found" and an infinite loop that wouldn't escape.
2.)2nd Attempt was bare metal install. I mistakenly installed on the /dev/sda.. which resulted in a grub rescure...with an error stating it couldn't find the device.
3.) 3rd attempt, saw a suggestion in the forums to install kpartx and then attempt install, which gave me a new option in the install menu of /dev/mapper/... attempted install and it failed and I had to rescue the MBR with Windows7 disc...

Presumed reason(s) for Problem: Bug with dmraid and the swap partition was the 4th partition on the drive which technically make the "disk" a dynamic disk and ubuntu saw one of the partitions as "outside of the RAID device".

Fix: Log into Windows 7 and go to the Partition/Disk Manager. Created a simple volume of X size. Formatting options etc are not important, just make sure not to give it a drive letter or mount it in Windows anywhere. Booted into Ubuntu LiveUSB . Installed kpartx thought APT. then in the ternimal did apt-get update and apt-get upgrade. Then ran the install script on the desktop. When the script reaches the "Allocate Drive Space" page. Choose the option "Something else". Format the simple volume that doesn't contain your windows install and set it as your mount point for "/". Choose /dev/mapper/ to install your bootloader(grub), this should be the default option now. Install should finish as normal.

Problem(s) with Fix: No swap, if you don't have enough Ram to support the lack of a swap this is a problem. Also, you can't create other mount points.

Any questions please ask.