View Full Version : [ubuntu] Elitebook lost input focus vs touchpad button

September 3rd, 2011, 06:49 AM
I'm running 10.10 64bit on an HP Elitebook 2530p and have a puzzling problem that I can't find any bug reports about. This model has a row of lighted touch-sensitive buttons above the keyboard. If I push the "disable touchpad" button in that row, it disables the touchpad AND my X cursor becomes a hollow rectangle and all keyboard input focus is permanently lost. if I re-enable the touchpad, I still have no focus.

In addition, left-clicking on Applications, Places, System, or the reboot icon on the right do nothing, but left-clicking on apps stored in that bar launch them. Right-clicking in that bar also does nothing.

The only way out that I've found is to reboot.

If I turn off the touchpad by saying 'xinput set-prop 11 "Device Enabled" 0', I don't lose focus. While I could put that in a script and bind it to some other key, I still don't want a situation where an accidental tap in the wrong place on the lighted touch-sensitive buttons means I instantly lose access to the laptop and must reboot, losing any saved editor state, etc.

How can I begin to debug this?


September 3rd, 2011, 06:51 AM
Also, as I've just discovered, attempting to suspend hangs instantly with a black screen. Normally, suspend works just fine.