View Full Version : [ubuntu] Install Natty on hp g62 b07sl

September 2nd, 2011, 09:10 AM
Hello guys.
I open a new discussion about this damn laptop because I'm losing my mind for 4 days and have not yet managed to solve.
Let me explain briefly the situation.
I tried to install Ubuntu 11.04 starting with the desktop version, but there was no way even to begin the setup because it blocked in the initial screen (the one where you get the design of the keyboard with the little man down ... . just basically just load the CD) .... as I have some experience of installations of various Linux and any problems that have placed some time,
I immediately thought that it could be a problem of incompatibility of video card .... So I downloaded the alternate version knowing that X would not go but then I solved the problem by installing the necessary drivers from the terminal after the installation.
So: the installation of the alternate version is successful and after some research I found that I was right on the problem of video card (this computer port 2 video cards intel / ati integrated into a processor and the motherboard and the problem lies in the management of this thing)
Believe me, I have read and followed many guides but failed to finish anything.
I read that the problem was solved with the new catalyst 11.5 I have installed the 11.8 but the PC does not want to leave (anyway, for safety I also installed 11.5 on a clean installation).
All the tests I did I always made getting a root shell using the alternate CD with the choice "repair a broken system" because if I try to start the system normally hangs on the word ubuntu with all red dots stops and if I try to enter in the grub menu to choose the recovery mode
it freezes during the loading in a randomly points changing every time without ever asking me username and password to use the shell.
I ask you really help me out, and if anyone has ever installed ubuntu on this machine, if it were so kind as to write the necessary steps.
Thank you all in advance for your help.