View Full Version : [all variants] Laptop killing another HDD?

September 1st, 2011, 08:19 PM
So... I've got an HP DV4 laptop that I'm running dual-boot Windows Vista 64-bit and Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop on. We purchased it a couple years ago for my step-daughter for high school graduation, and it lasted about a year and change before it crashed and wouldn't reboot - the HDD was done. I attributed this to it probably getting over-heated, as my daughter tended to use the laptop on top of a down comforter - which does a dang good job of plugging the air vents on the bottom.

I replaced the hard drive, restored some things from backup for her, and then I 'bought' it off her and she used that $$$ and some earnings to get a new Macbook. I took over the HP laptop and installed Ubuntu alongside the existing Vista install. Things have been working amazingly well for the most part, with nearly everything 'just works' being the order of the day.

Now for the bad news. I happened to look at the SMART monitor data for the drive (not sitting in front of it right now so I don't recall the exact program) and it showed that the new drive (approx. 6 months old) already has a surprising number of bad sectors and has been over-heated several times!

I know its possible for even a brand-new-out-of-the-wrapper HDD to have a few bad sectors, but this one has what seems like a bunch (200+), and I'm at a loss how this thing got 'over-heated' since I've been using it.

I'm debating on whether to get a back-up drive to have on hand when/if this one goes, but part of me is wondering if I'm just throwing good money after bad and should just start saving for a new laptop intead!

Any thoughts or suggestions?