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August 31st, 2011, 09:27 PM
i was wondering if there are any problems i should worry about from upgrade 9.10 to 11.04? last time i upgraded for the first time from 9.04 to 9.10 and some of my systems were messed up and i had to reconfigure some things, that was annoying, however, going from 9.10 to 11.04 might be even worse. so here are some questions

1) do i even need to upgrade? what would upgrading really do for me besides new security fixes?

2) currently, 9.10 is no longer being supported by canonical but technically i can use 9.10 forever right? cause upgrading really only does security fixes?

3) also people say that before upgrading, once should back up settings and things, when they say back up, do they mean just copy all your files to HD? is there an easier way to save settings and load your system settings again in case the upgrade messes up your settings? is copying /home folder and replacing it after the upgrade really safe?

4) last question, do i need to upgrade my ubuntu version if i want to keep using ubuntu software center? i know that security fixes and etc can't be updated unless i upgrade my ubuntu but how about Ubunutu software center? will it work forever independent of my ubuntu version? can it find new software? i can keep using new versions of software if i don't upgrade my ubuntu? CAN I GET NEW REPOSITORIES?

please answer these questions and thanks in advance

August 31st, 2011, 09:44 PM
1) It's your choice. There are benefits to upgrading, and disadvantages. New features aren't always liked...eg. Unity (although I like it). Benefits would include more security, and a better distro (in theory)

2) 9.10 will not die, just because it is not supported. You just won't get any updates for it, or its software (although I'm not sure about the software bit) It's like MS-DOS, that I have personally run recently, just because its old, doesn't mean it's dead.

3) Depending on how paranoid you are, it's definitely a good idea for the settings, and probably a good idea for documents and things. (although these theoretically shouldn't be touched)

4) The software that is already in the repositories, should stay in the software centre ad infinitum, however as far as I know, updates will not happen.

5) While IMO it's usually more of a shock to the system, upgrading from a live cd might be better (just choose 'upgrade' from the partitioning menu), as it does the same job, whereas if you update from update manager, you will have to download 3 releases' worth of stuff. Then install it, one at a time.

Hope it helps. Is 9.10 good? Tried 6.something once, 'twas awesome.

August 31st, 2011, 09:59 PM
My recommendation in your case is:

Burn a Live CD of 11.04 and test-drive it for a few days. Do you like it?
If so, install it side-by-side with 9.10 as a "dual boot."
That way you can start learning the new 11.04 interface, but you can always fall back on 9.10 if you need to. Furthermore you can easily copy your documents and settings over as you need them.

It is always a good idea to have a full backup of your important documents to an external hard drive, flash drive, or network storage.