View Full Version : [ubuntu] Moving OS HDD from Sys to Sys

August 31st, 2011, 06:14 PM
Well, I have bought a Sager 8170 and upgraded the RAM to 16Gs plus added additional HDD. However, I had bought a 1TB HDD to put in it, but alas, it was a mm to thick. I had an MSI U230 laying around with a 500 G HDD, but could take the 1TB. I really had not wanted to do this, but I felt I had no choice. I swapped out the MSI HDD for the 1TB and put the MSI HDD into the Sager. After the HDD swap I decided to see if I could boot right into Ubuntu without having to reinstall the OS on the 500G HDD which was now in the Sager. Low and behold it booted right up. I have two minor issues however. The first being that the sound chip will not recognise when I am using headphones instead of the speakers, and they both play. And the other is my bluetooth device isn't recognised on the Sager. I was wondering if I should just do a reinstall of Ubuntu on the Sager to clear this up, or leave it be for right now?

The MSI works great by the way. Has since first I bought it and installed Ubuntu 10.04 and later. It handles the 1TB just fine.

Using 11.04 on the current systems by the way.