View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu preinstalled laptop (what to do with Win on the purchase?)

August 30th, 2011, 03:15 PM
Hi Ubuntu users,

I want to purchase a new laptop, thinking of relatively small one (~11 inch) but not a netbook. I called Dell, they told me that they discontinued to serve for Ubuntu preinstalled laptops. Do you know any other laptops that has ubuntu preinstalled I can buy in the UK? Also, has anyone try Ubuntu on HP Pavilion dm1-3201sa?

Also, for those who buy a new Win installed PC, do you usually decided to use the dual-boot? Until now I always have used the used PCs for Ubuntu so I had no problem to delete Win. But now I have an option to buy a brand new PC (although I prefer to get Ubuntu pre-installed machine), I wonder what you guys decided to do on Windows (delete? dualboot? virtual machine?) since you at least put some money on Win portion...

Any good idea will be appreciated.