View Full Version : [ubuntu] Help Build a Work Machine

August 30th, 2011, 07:35 AM
After a solid 3 years of abuse my Dell Inspiron 1420n is sadly coming to the end of it's life due to overheating, unresponsive keys, wonky USB and intermittent wireless. It was a workhorse and will be missed.

Anyways, the fun part:

I have a netbook, Dropbox, and iPad so portability for my office machine is no longer needed. What I do need is a proper workstation that will sit hidden under my desk. I will move over my SSD (128 gig) and have a 24" Dell monitor. With the SSD I am comfortable with the AMD Phenom II X6 1100T (the fastest and most cores I could find on newegg.com). Speed for price is my starting motive and why I was looking at AMD. Beyond that here's what I do:

60% of my time is Internet research - Google searches, Google Finance, perusing Digg, Amazon, forums, flash videos.

I dig up dirt on people and companies, market research, industry research, charts, diagrams, PDFs, Etc and spit them into Google docs, gmail, and Evolution. In the morning I start Evolution, Google Chrome and Firefox (I have 2 Google Apps accounts I live off of) then launch office apps, Fidelity.com and thinkorswim as needed. I control 5 calendars via Google Apps and always seem to have 3 tech problems I need to research for my coworkers. I am the go to guy for data and solutions - what people talk about online is my life. I just try to make sense of it all.

The rest of my time I spend listening to music (plugged in iPhone/iPad, Pandora), editing photos in GIMP/Shotwell, file management via dropbox and local NAS, and lots of printing. I go between LibreOffice and MS office via Wine daily. I create legal docs in Libre and check them in MS office to make final formatting edits before they go out to customers and industry fellows.

I also test new OSes via VirtualBox, and test new websites/products for our clients/customers. This is my favorite part and if business is good I spend more and more time here.

Computing requirements increase as I test and when I get into the photo management.

With that, I'm an out of date, aging geek that is struggling with the CPU, motherboard, and graphics options out there - especially when confronted with the "it must work with Ubuntu immediately" factor.

So can anyone help me decide on a CPU/motherboard/fan/RAM/case choice?

Much appreciated and thanks ahead.