View Full Version : [ubuntu] recover files from double formated harddrive

August 28th, 2011, 09:28 PM
Hello there,

I was reinstalling ubuntu, and I had a partition that I wanted to leave untouched, the installation was unsuccessful, and on the second installation it formated the partition that i wanted to leave untouched, when I found this out, I stopped my installation, used the lifeusb, and went back to the original partition that I wanted to use as the partition for the OS.

Now my question is, can I save the old files prior to the installation files, is there any way I can recover those old files? as it was formated for the installation and then I just deleted the partition and currently it is unused space so nothing happens to it!

Rex Bouwense
August 28th, 2011, 09:58 PM
My first answer would have been you are up the proverbial creek, but after a Google search I found this.
Look at post #2. Doesn't hurt to try.