View Full Version : [ubuntu] TTY graphics corrupted

August 28th, 2011, 09:14 PM
Hi everybody,

Today I discovered that I have a problem with the graphics of my TTY consoles on one of my Ubuntu 11.04 machines.
The GNOME desktop, which I normally use, is working fine. However, when I switch to a TTY console using Ctrl+Alt+F1 (or F2, or F3, etc.), I see only half of one row of text being crunched at the top of my screen. It seems the terminal is working, because I can log in and execute commands (blindly of course, because I can not read the text).

The graphics card in the machine is a nVidia ION chipset, and I am sure this is compatible with Ubuntu, because I have two of these machines (they are 100% identical) and the TTY consoles are working on the other machine; no problems there whatsoever.

The proprietary nVidia driver is activated, and the OS is up to date.

Any ideas?