View Full Version : [SOLVED] After update, won't load.

August 28th, 2011, 06:10 AM
I started the ubuntu 11.04 (Ubuntu 11.04 desktop 32-bit from .iso.torrent mounted with daemon tools lite. 25 GB, on main drive (c:/) at the time it had about 75 GB left. the second option, which is install inside windows. (windows XP)) And after I clicked to install the updates from the side-bar (it had a picture of a box with an arrow) It needed to reboot, so I clicked reboot now. When i go to ubuntu now, it has a command line thingy, it says enter tab to get more options (or something) but none of the commands work. i tried boot, it said no loaded kernel. i tried linux, it said no specified kernel. What do I have to type to get to the desktop (with the purple background and the side-bar and such). I do not know anything about Ubuntu, by the way.