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August 27th, 2011, 07:58 AM
Hi, I am pretty new to Ubuntu/gnome...

I have a problem in that when I want to upload both photos and videos from my camera through a memory chip, I usu open with f spot. The problem is that it won't upload the videos. Then i added pitivi editor, and switched the popup menu 9the one when that pops up asking how you want to open the content when you put in your memory stick. Once I changed it to pitivi, but accidentally selected brasaro. Now when I try to put in the memory stick the menu that pops up to walk you through which program you want to use is just gone, I have no idea how to get this menu back? Help, advice? Anyone have this problem too? Also, I was able to upload the videos to pitivi by drag and drop somehow, but now after saving them, the videos have an error and I am unable to open any of them? Any idea how this happened would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, jmama.

August 28th, 2011, 07:51 AM

I'm definitely not an expert and I was going crazy trying to get photos and videos "into" my 11.04 OS and work on them until I tried this:

Don't open the card with any of the programs. Instead just click on "Open" (not Open with...) find your file, left click, hold down the button and drag it to desktop. From there you can enter it into the program you want to work with. (Right click on the file then click open)

For the video I dropped PiTiVi and went to OpenShot video. Found that to be a much easier editing format to work with.

For the still shots I went to Gimp Image Editor. Again easy to work with.

I also had problems when I opened either with the wrong program. Unfortunately, at least with some of them, when you use that to open that becomes the "preferred" open with package and, if it's not the right format, it won't do anything.

Try the steps above and see if that helps get it back on the right track. Worked for me. (I was about ready to shoot the laptop and blow up the JVC video cam!) You can take a look at my first video attempt on my fishing reports website (http://ffpfishingreports.webs.com/video)Hope this helps.