View Full Version : [ubuntu] ipod suddenly can't import

August 25th, 2011, 08:45 PM
hey all, thank you so much for being patient with me. i'm an absolute beginner, and these forums have found me so many answers! thank you so much!

i use gtkpod on ubuntu 10.04.

i've used gtkpod for months with no problems.
suddenly one day everything changed.

when i plug in the ipod (named 'virus' - the 30 gig, video-playing sort of ipod) it is recognized by rhythmbox and gtkpod, but clicking on it to access files shows the following error:

iTunesDB 'media/VIRUS___/iPod_Control/iTunes/iTunesDB does not match checksum in...
[it won't let me read the rest of the message]

iPod database Import failed: 'Failed to read from file '/media/VIRUS___/iPod_Control/iTunes/Play Counts': Input/output error

why would this happen all of a sudden? i've read a lot of comments from people saying a virtual system running windows is necessary, but this error came out of nowhere after months of functioning properly.

i don't think i did anything differently.

i should mention that ejecting the ipod from the computer allows it to play every file on it without issue, as well.

any clues?

thank you so much, and please forgive me in advance for being such a newb; i don't know **** about ubuntu. thanks, fellas!