View Full Version : [ubuntu] what happened to my internet speed??

August 25th, 2011, 05:08 AM
Complete Noob Here..

just about an hour ago, i completely deleted windows off my pc and installed ubuntu 11.04... i have a backup computer just in case, but I wanted to dive right in to linux, leaving windows in my rear view...

all is well except my internet speed is horribly slow now...

normally i download at around 1.2 MB/s.. but now in Ubuntu i barely get over 300 KB/s... which is hard to watch..

so ive been scouring internet threads to find a solution, coming across a couple which seemed promising but ended up not working ..

i disabled the ipv6 or whatever, and i tried a couple commands in terminal as some threads showed but still cannot get my internet speed back to normal...

right now im downloading ubuntu studio, a 1.5 GB file that normally takes no time at all, but for some reason my internet is not like it used to be... any help would be greatly appreciated!! thanks in advance..

August 25th, 2011, 05:15 AM
Hi welcome to the forums. First can you please tell me how you are connected. Is it Wifi or ehternet, If you are getting 1.2MB/s I'm assuming a wired connection.

In any case are you sure it isn't just down time from your ISP? Mine does drop a few Mmps during peak hours. Have you tried rebooting your router and or modem?