View Full Version : [xubuntu] fill Android phone with music using static and smart playlists

August 24th, 2011, 10:13 PM
My music collection is larger than the memory of my phone, so I can sync only part of it. When I was using an iPod on Mac, I had a static playlist that I filled with the songs to sync, and a smart playlist showing all other songs, so that I could go through that playlist to search for good songs I hadn't synced yet.

Now I simultaneously switched to an Android phone (Galaxy S) and Linux (Xubuntu 11.04), and all I want to do is sync my music to the phone in the way described above. I've tried out many programs, but didn't find a satisfying solution...

It's possible to do that in Banshee. The only problem: The program is so incredibly slow that it takes several seconds to add a single album to the playlist with the songs to sync. If no other solution can be found, I'll use Banshee, but every other working solution would be a better one...

Rhythmbox is faster, but I can't make smart playlists based on other playlists, only on track information. My favorite solution would be any way to make such smart playlists in Rhythmbox, maybe there's a plugin or whatever.

I've also tried out Amarok, but I really don't like the interface, it really confuses me and I didn't even find a way to create a simple static playlist. The Amarok-spin-off Clementine's interface looks a bit better, but I didn't find a way to create smart playlists!

To be clear: I only look for a way to sync my music to my phone, I don't need a media player per se! A kind of 'smart folder' showing me all the album folders that are in the Music folder on my computer, but not on my phone, would be OK too, I just want to find any way to browse through the part of my music library that isn't on my phone yet.

Any help appreciated.