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August 24th, 2011, 03:34 PM
this is a breakout/copy-post from another thread i tried to hijack... sorry...


My -severe- installation problem is probably hardware related, but i am at a loss on how to proceed at debugging...

Symptom: during the install-screen of Ubuntu-SERVER-10.04.2-LTS, i see the -normal- options (white letters on black background) - but i ALSO see something in the upper-left-corner of the screen...

the upper left corner of the screen writes (inside a -box-) two columns... the first column is labelled 'data', the second is labelled 'prog'... the data column has rows consisting of hex-stuff, as does the prog column... below that, there is a box that says err e and then >>Vietnam<< - which is just bizarre...

here is my ascii-attempt at drawing:
! data ! prog !
! 76: 58123. 4 ! 5: 45b7. 5 !
! 77: 58141. 4 ! 6: 6bed.65 !
! 78: 58161. 4 ! 7: 9f384. a !
! 79: 5817d. 4 ! 8: 7. 1 !
! 7a: 581a7. 4 ! 9: 2. 1 !
! 7b: 581ca. 4 ! a: 6bgf.55 !
! 7c: 581eb. 4 ! b: 6bea.15 !
! 7d: 58209. 4 ! c: 6be1. 5 !
! err: e !
! ip 5174: 4.7 !
! >>Vietnam<< !

this pc is an old (2002) VIA mobo with a 1100Mhz celeron...

ive tried changing the dram (100 and 133 from 64m to 512m sticks)...
ive tried bypassing the onboard vga port with a pci-vga card...
ive swapped ps2-keyboards and mice...
ive tried various incarnations of details on the award-bios to see
about possibly bypassing some of the issues im having...

im just at a loss as to what this symptom means...

unimportant, but i have tried many-other distributions and the
ubuntu-server is the one that seems to make the most-progress
in this situation... unfortunately, i cannot use the arrow keys to
successfully scroll down to the -test-memory- option of the install...
it turns out that i am only allowed 5 presses on the keyboard arrows
before the whole system locks-up... (the fourth press changes the
data/prog info, and the 5th press gives me a boot: prompt but
does not accept any further input)

my guess ? bad mobo somewhere... whats odd is that back in
2003, id been running linux on it successfully up until a year or
two ago (i think i had rh9 and then centos 5.4 was on the hdd
when i booted up a few days ago to try an ubuntu-distribution)...
i had been swapping out hdd and managed to screw up the LVM
somehow so i was trying to start-over with ubuntu...

anyways, i appreciate any help that yall can provide... especially
if you can just say something like " oh, that data/prog stuff means
that the processor/mobo/??? is broken - so trash the system " ... :smile:

sincerely, harold.

btw - ive tried google and searching these forums, but am unable
to come up with some useful keywords that describes my situation...