View Full Version : [ubuntu] VMware Kickstart Install Boot Issues

August 23rd, 2011, 05:29 PM
I have set up an Ubuntu Server for unattended installs. I've got the DHCP, TFTP, and Web Server, plus a basic kickstart file that reads:

url --url http://installer/ubuntu

My client system is a VMware ESXi guest (2 proc, 2Gb memory, standard everything else for Ubuntu i386 32-bit system). I'm walking through the process just as if I were booting from the CD. (The intent is to eventually pull everything

When my client system reboots, I get the purple square with "Ubuntu 11.04" on it, and then the screen goes blank and I get a flashing cursor (line) in the top left hand corner. The system does not go any further.

Unfortunately, I cannot get the grub system to go into the break so I can modify things. I'm fairly sure that it's a vga problem (although why the netinstall does it and the CD install doesn't is beyond me).

The question is - Is there something I can put in my kickstart file that installs a grub config that produces a menu with "local boot" as the default instead of the "kick straight into the OS"?