View Full Version : [ubuntu] 11.04 FakeRaid Install - Not even partitioning

August 22nd, 2011, 12:34 AM
I have installed Ubuntu countless times, for many revisions so I am fairly familiar with that piece, pretty easy.

I finally started using it more and would really like to install it on my raid 0 array. I can't use Software raid because I still use Windows 7 on this array for casual gaming.

I go through the setup, setup the partitions, it ACTS like it installs, reboots, gets to grub and I get an error. (think it's 15)

I thought it was just a grub issue, but to my surprise I check my partitions and it apparently didn't even save them.

It see's the raid in the partition manager and lets me modify it and pretends to install files, but to my surprise what I thought I had set for partitions remains free space.

Any thoughts / help is greatly appreciated.