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August 16th, 2011, 10:27 AM
Hi guys,

I have absolutely no idea what is causing this, but every time I log onto my comp after about 45min - 1hr, the CPU cranks out at about 100% and the system almost completely freezes up. This generally happens (99%) whenever I'm watching media either via youtube or a local video and doing something simple on the side (i.e. installing an app via Software Centre - something I use to do all the time with no problems).

The full product list for my comp is :

Kingston 4G(2x2G) DDR3 1600MHz CL9 HyperX
Pioneer BDR-205BK 12X Blu-Ray Writer Drive SATA Black OEM
CoolerMaster RC-922M-KKNI HAF Black Case
2 x Benq G2420HD 24inch Wide Full HD 2ms HDMI DVI D-Sub Gloss
Intel Core i7 930 Processor LGA1366 2.8GHz 8MB Cache CPU
2 x Asus DRW-24B1LT 24x DVDRW SATA LightScribe
2 x Western Digital 1TB SATA3 64M(WD1002FAEX)
CoolerMaster GX750W PSU 80+
Asus Rampage III Extreme MB, Socket 1366, X58
2 x Gigabyte N98TSL-1GI 9800GT 1G GDDR3 HDMI

I was running 10.10 x64, upgraded to 11.04, decided it wasn't for me and so I downgraded to 10.10 x64. I did play around with the partioning with the install (which I assume could be causing a problem) however outside of that I have no idea.

My initial thoughts (and granted I'm a noob is that)

(a) either the HDD that I have the OS installed on isn't setup right (when I installed it last time it keep an old Windows 7 boot - I thought the 'erase disk' option which I took would get rid of that) and is casuing a problem

(b) there is faulty hardware
- althought I have two GPU's, I'm only using the one with the Nvidia driver running the two monitors in twinview
- could be the motherboard
- could be the CPU?
- could be the HDD?

(c) the ext HDD I'm running most of the videos off is causing the problem.

Or some other reason! :-)

The position I'm in now is to try and find the faulty product. I thought a simple start would be to
(1) given most of the time I'm running videos from an ext HDD, make a local copy of the file and see if it occurs - maybe the EXT HDD is causing the issue?
(2) Take out the GPU I'm running the current monitors on and use the other one and see if it happens - if it ceases to occur, I would say its a fair assumption it was causing hte problem
(3) Pending (1) doesn't work, completely reformat the existing HDD that is running the OS - how does one do that?, I thought it was a matter of just going through gparted - but there seems to be existing partions that just don't go away. I thought a ****** way would be to install Windows XP over the whole disk and then install Ubuntu back over it? (I've heard that can be a idiot proof way of reformating the drive)
and then if it isn't the GPU/HDD
(4) Take out the DVD & Blue Ray drives one by one to see if that might be causing the issue (very unlikely)
(5) if that fails...**** how does one test the CPU/Motherboard other than taking the rest of hte components and running on another motherboard?

Anyways, I'm know what I've given above is undoubtabely insufficient information, so if anyone has any ideas as to how to start, I would be very appreciative, it just seems nuts that this would be happening - only bought the comp 6 months ago!

Thanks in Advance,