View Full Version : [SOLVED] Add packages w/o messing it up

August 15th, 2011, 04:26 PM
Just changed over to 11.04 so I'm still figuring it all out. Takes a little adjusting to the sidebar system, but it's workable and easy to get used to.

Now some questions regrading "adding" to what's installed. I don't want to mess anything up, like I did in 10.04, so figured I'd ask here before adding anything.

Looking thru what's available I noticed a few that look like they may be worth having.

1. GDebi Package Installer = 2 of these. 1 does just gdebi the other does gdebi-kde. Any need for either of these? Do they make installing anything easier and less mistake prone?

2. Deja Dup Backup Tool. When I decided to clean install, and wipe out everything I hope, to 11.04 I saved files on a Maxtor external drive. After installing the 11.04 I added everything back, in a Desktop folder and it all seems to work fine. Does this program do a total backup, in case there is a crash, and is it recommended?

3. Anybody use Password Gorilla? Worth having?

4. Storage Device Manager. Is this a recommended part for doing the backup using something like the Deja Dup?


5. Tried installing some of the games, no show, so looked at the "More info" and noticed they referred to the GNome Desktop. Is this something I need to install to play most of the games available? Any conflict with the 11.04 "standards"?

6. Is there a program available that will allow me to "work" on/with my Sony Ericsson cell phone? Ubuntu 10.04 would not connect, tried Wine-wasted effort, requiring install of VBox and WinXP. (Bad time with VBox) Suggestions?

Thanks for the assist.