View Full Version : good lightweight laptop

May 26th, 2006, 05:56 AM
i'm looking to buy a laptop in the next few months, something light & small with wireless networking and good battery life.... primarily for web/email and openoffice.

So, power is not too much of an issue, it really just needs to be a glorified PDA, and as such i don't want to pay more than a grand for it. all the big programs i need for school I've got on my desktop, or station at school.

right now i'm leaning towards a macbook, because i'd like to get to know the mac os, and because it's just so damn stylish. i'm intrigued by the possibility of running windows, ubuntu, and osx all on one machine - has anyone had any luck with that?

i definately plan on running ubuntu - if i get a PC i'll use it primarily (and only go to windows for autocad or adobe programs), and if i get a back it'll be the default, and the mac os will be the experiment.

any tips would be helpful.