View Full Version : [ubuntu] 11.04 Natty installer hangs at timezone select

August 11th, 2011, 06:03 AM
I've just decided to downgrade from 64-bit to 32-bit Ubuntu. I created a live USB from the most recent (as of today) 11.04 download, booted up, and selected the option to replace Ubuntu. (Also on my HDD are a Windows partition and a shared partition for documents.)

The installer hung at the timezone select page - and, foolishly, I hard-restarted the PC. I can get into 'try Ubuntu' without problems, but every time I try to actually install, it hangs. I can't boot into Windows, since GRUB seems to have been overwritten in my failed partial install. (I can get to a 'grub rescue' prompt, though.)

Anyone got any suggestions? I suspected it might have something to do with my internet connection - I need to go through a university proxy script, so I'm not sure whether the installer will actually have internet access, even after I've been able to apply proxy settings while running Ubuntu from the USB.

August 11th, 2011, 07:45 AM
you cant "downgrade" but need to reformat. Nothing is better than a real install: