View Full Version : [ubuntu] Lightening Fried my network

August 3rd, 2011, 01:29 PM
Hi All,

Recently a lightnining storm destroyed all my wired-ports on every device :(

So my onboard network card is damaged on my pc
My router ports do not work. :(

However my wifi is fine.

The problem is I want to install a new wifi card on my pc to circumnavigate this problem. I have a netgear G54 wireless PCI adaptor. However; went I install it in my pc with ubunutu its doesnt recognise it. Eg no wireless detection.

Now usually I would connect the internet and get the drivers but obviously with the main ports damaged I cant. My question is then is there a way I can download the drivers onto another pc and transfer them over.

I have googled this problem and seen this post which might help but if there is another way or a better way anyone here could tell me?