View Full Version : [ubuntu] Chrome web app into launcher

July 30th, 2011, 03:16 AM
Hi, I have been using various forms of linux for quite a while now, mostly .rpm type distro's. Although I had tried Ubuntu on a few occasions, it never really grabbed me .......... until Unity came along. Now my laptop and desktop are Ubuntu.
The unity style, system etc just really fits my way of working.
Anyway, on to my issue. I have gmail as a chrome web app and cant work out how to put it in the launcher, if I drag it accross and drop it in it just bounces back out.
Okay, so maybe thats because it's not trusted? How do I mark it as trusted?
I get no option to mark it as trusted when I click on the file in \gnome\apps just a pop up saying that it's not trusted.
Thanks for any assistance.