View Full Version : [ubuntu] how to find out if my wifi card is faulty?

July 29th, 2011, 01:38 AM

I have vaio z520N with ubuntu 10.04 64 bit and intel 5100 wireless card; I have been experiencing wifi connectivity issues for the last 3 months and now it seem to finally die, I suspect my wifi card if faulty but I am not sure what can I do to confirm this...

Here are some more details: I installed my first ubuntu (9 I think) about 1.5 years ago and upgraded it to 10.10 many months ago, I had several versions over this time (inc 32 and 64 bit) but up until 3 month ago I NEVER had any issue with the wifi. I traveled around the world and always connected to random wifi with no problems, I installed several ubuntu versions and my wifi ALWAYS worked immediately out of the box. Then about 3 month ago I started having problems, sometimes when I restart my laptop it will not find the wifi, than I will restart it and it will work again. These symptoms got worse gradually, first it only happened once in the blue moon and will work if I restart only once, than it got more frequent and I had to restart 4-5 times before it start to work again. up until few days ago I think it only happen after restart but few days ago it died in the middle and thats about it. No amount of restart worked though twice it did connected and worked for about 5 minutes only to die again...

This very weird behavior seem to indicate to me a hardware issue and not a software issue, though admittedly I am not a big linux specialist so I might be wrong...

I also tried to install kubuntu and ubuntu natty recently, but no luck, the wifi didn't work at all.

Thanks for readying my rant, I attach the output of nm-tool and lshw, both show the wifi to be disabled or disconnected but the network gui indicates that my wifi is enabled! The wireless switch is on and the light is green (the light was always green throughout the troubles unless I actually switch it off).

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.