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July 28th, 2011, 10:26 PM

I use AT&T U-Verse for my Internet and they offer a cheap static IP package. I subscribe to 5 static IP addresses. AT&T U-Verse is unique in that they require you to use their Residential Gateway (modem) and it has to be configured as a firewall. You cannot configure it in a normal way you would by place a router behind your providers modem and have all address routed to 1 interface on your router. The Residential Gateway allocates out your static IP address via DHCP and you can only assign 1 static IP to 1 MAC address. So for 5 usable IP address you either need 5 separate physical nic adapters or you can utilize some kind of virtual nic technology to fake the mac addresses.

Where I Am At:

The way I am currently trying is to use macvlan's on 1 of 2 physical nic's actually in my "router/firewall" computer. When I assign a static IP to my outside nic and don't use any macvlan's I am able to access the Internet and from an outside source I am able to ping and access services (ssh for testing) through the Residential Gateway. As soon as I enable a macvlan on eth1 (my outside interface) and assign the new virtual interface a static IP address I am no longer able to access the original outside address assigned to eth1 or the new address on eth2.

What this Looks Like:

eth0 - inside network interface (physical)
eth1 - outside network interface (physical), 1 static
eth2 - outside network interface (macvlan), 1 static

Naturally since one macvlan isn't working I have yet to add eth3 thru eth5.

Steps I Am Going To Try:

I am going to try running under 11.04 Server instead of 10.04 LTS to make sure that it is not an issue with 10.04 LTS.

October 2nd, 2012, 04:14 PM
Random update to this. I was never able to get it to work. I think AT&T changed it to not allow this behavior. For some reason they think that the Small Business users that need 5 static IPs will have 5 separate physical devices (this was confirmed both by their sales and service departments).

In short don't get AT&T U-Verse for more than 1 static IP if you are going to use your own firewall, router or hypervisor.