View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installation works with no version

July 27th, 2011, 06:53 PM
Hey there,

I recently decidet to get rid of that old windows on my notebook and let it run with Ubuntu. It is an older notebook (maybe from 2004 or 2005), but it meets the system requirements.
I downloaded Versin 11.04 (live CD). The installation always crashed into a text console which said "Kernel panic" and "Switching back to console". I downloaded the alternate installer.
This one has multiple points where it can kill itself. Either when the basic system (is it called that way?) installation reaches 6%, no matter which component it is loading, or when it reaches 78%, or when the additional software is being installed it gets stuck at 24%. Most of the time it stops at 6%...
Now i tried the older LTS version with a live CD, which couldn't work either, because the screen would turn black during installation. The alternate installer also stops at 6%.
Xubuntu alternate installer also stops at the magic 6% barrier.

I am getting very angry about this situation, becaue I have tried everything I could do!

Notebook specs are:
ATI mobility Radeon 9000
AMD Athlon XP 2000+
512mb RAM
30gb HDD (Thats impressive, I know)