View Full Version : [kubuntu] sudo remove 11.04 Left side night mare

July 25th, 2011, 04:26 PM
on 64 bit amd; if one does not configure/select "KDE" or exclude "gnome" in terminal once you did a <sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop>:KS just before you <sudo apt-get remove ununtu-desktop> and then <sudo apt-get autoremove> what can you do to get rid of the uncommonly awkward "Left Column night mare found on 11.04 Natty. I screwed up and cannot figure out how to reconfigure and get solely KDE. I sure cannot stand what the developers placed on Natty Ubu.

I looked away as * <sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop> approached its conclusion and when I looked back the terminal instructions had changed to a drop down notice. using that notice I could not designate my selection "KDE" not "gnome". Now, natty opens temporarily in kubuntu and then reverts to the awkward "Left Column night mare found on 11.04"

July 25th, 2011, 04:45 PM
yea for Kubuntu :KS.... I call the natty release a nightmare and urge anyone not to fix working desktops.

have enjoyed using Ubu since 8.04 after benefiting from other linux OSes; got use to what you see across the top and keeping configurations working but not finding so much bouncing around that loses my data or copy.

help would be most appreciated on suppressing gnome, which I failed to select out as the following sudo ended <sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop>. Yes, I re-ran the work around and could not get back to the select feature; it always said, "you have the latest"